A Scary Night At The Museum

A Scary Night At The Museum
Datum: donderdag 31 oktober 2013
Organisatie: Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments, W.A.T.M. Republic
Locatie: Sugarfactory
Plaats: Amsterdam - Nederland
Stijlen: Deephouse, Techno
Aanvang: 23:00
Einde: 05:00
Voorverkoop: € 12,00
Deurprijs: € 15,00
Leeftijd: vanaf 18 jaar
House of Sins: Prunk
  Bram Fidder
  Ici Sans Merci
  Deep 'N Disco Boys
The Purgatory Room: Wesley Roberts
  Tie Cie
  Ricky Doel

“ A Scary Night At The Museum” In the Sugar Factory will lead you through the Nine Gates of Sound while still giving you the scare of your life with the most Deep Beats that even Satan doesn't approve.

The main room or "House of sins" will get you sinning along with the sound and act of the night, if "getting your sin on" isn't enough then you can always go smoke in the purgatory and enabled your demons during the time you look at persons who dare to enter in the little shriek room of horrors. Be prepared to get scared for a night that will haunt you with good nightmares for the rest of your life.

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Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments
Damrak Amsterdam

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Halloween at the Museum:
19:00 – 22:00

Damrak 33
1012 LK, Amsterdam

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Only presale: €25,00 

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