ADE Special Audio Damage

ADE Special Audio Damage
Datum: zaterdag 23 oktober 2010
Organisatie: Mother Music
Locatie: Bungalow 8
Plaats: Amsterdam - Nederland
Stijlen: Electro, House, Progressive
Aanvang: 23:00
Einde: 09:00
Voorverkoop: € 15,00
Leeftijd: vanaf 21 jaar


Audiodamage Records team up with Caballero Recordings to present their showcase @ one of the freshest and newest clubs in Amsterdam "Bungalow 8".

Expect Caballero & Audiodamage's trademark mainroom sounds with some of the hottest DJS from around the globe.

Audiodamage Records - Audiodamage Records is without doubt one of Europe’s fastest growing record labels and club tours to date. Born to bring back the excitement of the club scene and prides itself on not being pigeon holed in the music that’s played at all of the events, as House music is what it’s all about!

The tour reflects the record label, providing quality upfront house music, bringing through up-and-coming artists as well as using names already firmly established within the scene. “Our aim is to be at the forefront of new music and supporting new talent within the world of house music.”

Caballero Recordings - Caballero Recordings, based in Stuttgart (Germany) started with the first release in 2004. The sound of Caballero developed through the years and was always close to the up-to-date house sounds of the international club culture – keeping an eye on new trends and talents but never forgetting the roots of house music. Artists like Thomas Gold, Kid Massive, Chris Montana or Big World found a homebase on Caballero in the early years and started their way to an international career. Caballero is now considered one of the major labels in Europe and features artists and remixers like John Dahlbäck, Kid Massive, Jesse Garcia, Muzzaik, Juan Kidd & Felix Baumgartner, Chris Kaeser, Abel Ramos, Benny Royal, Carl Tricks, Gadjo, Belocca, Ruben Alvarez, Gold Ryan & Tapesh, Peter Brown and lots more. It´s all about house music…nothing more…nothing less!

Audiodamage Records & Caballero Recordings showcase features some of the biggest DJs in the world of dance music with The Good Guys of Switzerland and Holland's very own Jorgensen & Benny Royal headlining the party. If thats not enough they have also enlisted the help of New York DJ/Producer Angel Manuel, Dutch rising stars Gabriel & Castellon, Remaniax, Disfunktion & one of Denmarks hottest acts Beatchuggers. Rounding of the night they have also enlisted the services of Mogwai, Ruben Alvarez, Niklas Gustavsson, Vincent Thomas, Orli & Di Ragnio and Honcho's of the labels Sebastian Gnewkow of Caballero & the UK's Ethan Project & Fran Cosgrave from Audiodamage Records. Get there early as this party is going to go down in ADE history!

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