Electronation 9 Year Anniversary

Electronation 9 Year Anniversary
Datum: zaterdag 23 juli 2011
Organisatie: Electronation events
Locatie: Paradiso
Plaats: Amsterdam - Nederland
Aanvang: 23:00
Einde: 05:00
Voorverkoop: € 15,00
Deurprijs: € 17,50

On Saturday the 23d of July, Electronation will celebrate it’s 9 year anniversary in Holland's most legendary venue! This joyful fact will be celebrated in the Paradiso in a special collaboration with the FightCancer initiative. The 3 rooms of the Amsterdam Pop temple will be packed to the rafters with Holland’s finest from the electro, house, disco and techno- scene! The massive line-up fully consists of friends and relatives that helped or contributed to the success of Electronation in the past 9 years!

Amongst many others, the Italian Italo cult-hero and Electronation artist from the early beginning Alexander Robotnick will show why he is considered a true legend in the scene. No introduction is needed for this man, who almost singlehandedly brought the Italo genre to live whit his 1983 monster-hit Problemes d’Amour à Nowadays, already passed 60, he’s still perfectly capable of rocking the Paradiso and we’re very proud to have him!

If you reminisce about the early days of Electronation, there’s no way to get around the illustrious electro duo Terry Toner vs Herr Arter, who where the classic residents of the Electronation sound in the very beginning. For this very special occasion, they’ll once again team up for a banging electro classics set in the Paradiso main room!

Aside from these very tasty musical treats, the 3 rooms of the Paradiso will be filled with Dutch heroes from all types, tastes and genres: Darko Esser, Mason, Warren Fellow, ONNO, Applescal (Live), Arjuna Schiks (Live), Homework, Victor Coral, Marnix, The Heykids, Tron, Clockwork, Claire & Sheila Hill, Lopoll, Radiosus, Pstl, El El, Jimnastics, Hammeroids and off course VJ Alex Kaseta…. Electronation is celebrating his birthday in proper fashion!

In honor of Roy Avni, the founding father of Electronation that passed away last year way too soon, all profit of this 9 year Anniversary will be donated to the FightCancer initiative from the KWF kankerbestrijding. Please visit for more information about this organization. 

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