Housing for Housing | Chicoco Radio Benefit Party

Housing for Housing | Chicoco Radio Benefit Party
Datum: vrijdag 21 juni 2013
Locatie: Sugarfactory
Plaats: Amsterdam - Nederland
Stijlen: House, Techhouse, Techno
Aanvang: 23:00
Einde: 05:00
Voorverkoop: € 10,00
Deurprijs: € 14,00
Leeftijd: vanaf 18 jaar

What’s a better way to start your summer than using some positive energy and party in support of a good cause? On the 21st of June, the Amnesty International Studentgroup Amsterdam brings you Housing for Housing, a Benefit Party for Chicoco Radio.

Chicoco Radio is a project supported by Amnesty International the Netherlands. The goal is to set up a radio station in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Citizens of Port Harcourt live under constant threat of police violence and forced evictions. This means that sometimes from one day to another, hundreds of families are forced to abandon their homes. Chicoco Radio hopes to call attention to the current injustices in the region. At the same time the radio station hopes to provide the community members with an opportunity to develop their talents and will function as a positive medium for the Port Harcourt region. Chicoco Radio will give the citizens of Port Harcourt the voice they so desperately need.
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All profits wil be donated to Chicoco Radio.
Dance to make a Difference.

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