Klankfest: Day 4: Kowboys and Indians & Kozzmozz

Klankfest: Day 4: Kowboys and Indians & Kozzmozz
Datum: maandag 20 juli 2015
Organisatie: Nasty Mondays
Locatie: Kunstencentrum Vooruit
Plaats: Gent - Belgie
Stijlen: Techno
Aanvang: 23:00
Einde: 07:00
Voorverkoop: € 15,00
Deurprijs: € 20,00
Leeftijd: vanaf 16 jaar

On Day 4, Klankfest – our 10 day long party adventure uniting Ghent’s leading party organizations – is all about techno. Since 1995, time after time, Kozzmozz has delivered utterly unparalleled techno parties with the most mind blowing line-ups. In other words, Kozzmozz is an established player in the Belgian techno-scene since 20 years. On this night, they will be assisted by a young, new sensation in the genre: Kowboys and Indians, a concept that combines original artwork with an unusual formula in order to unite all techno lovers. This collaboration is destined to be a musical success story.


No doubt about it, Luke Slater is one of the legends of techno and he will lead the night. With hundreds of official releases and remixes over twenty years under a collection of conceptually distinct aliases, Luke Slater continues to influence just about everyone in techno. His Mote-Evolver label is one of those labels that can do no wrong. With an impressive run of artists and releases such as Planetary Assault Systems, Cari Lekebusch, Samuli Kemppi, Lucy, Marcel Fengler, Shifted and L.B. Dub Corp, Mote-Evolver continues to deliver fresh momentum to the scene by steadfastly sticking to the twin values of consistent quality and varied content. Being quoted as one of techno's most consistent and respected practitioners, Luke Slater has been instrumental in reinvigorating the techno landscape and brought us more than 12 albums of which several as Planetary Assault Systems, one of his many guises and probably the most well known, which got recently revived by the leading Ostgut Ton label.



Rebekah is one of the up and coming artists in today´s world of electronic music who has made a lasting impression on some of the biggest players in the scene. She is currently playing at some of the most happening clubs and festivals world-wide, such as Berghain, Tresor, Fabric, Atomic Jam, Studio 80, Cocoon Club, Cocorico, Tomorrowland, Awakenings and Exit. In spite of her busy tour schedule Rebekah also manages to make time to develop and manifest her personal vision of modern techno. She is a prolific producer and has remixes and singles on renowned labels like Cult Figures, Naked Lunch, Coincidence, 8 Sided Dice and Stolen Moments. Now a CLR artist, Rebekah was accepted into Chris Liebing’s fold, and found her place by mixing a compilation using the back catalogue of CLR music under the Reconnected Series as well as several EP’s on this influential label.


Spacid has a nose for creativity and has always been an early adopter. It’s fair to say that when Spacid spots a new qualitative subgenre, he’s one of first to promote it. He’s a dj who evolves and is above trends. He can be regarded as a pioneer in early house, techno as well as electro. This attitude makes him a most versatile dj you can easily find playing various genres like, minimal, deep house, all shades of electro, acid and techno. On Kozzmozz, as resident, he obviously brings the best that techno has to offer.


Besides being a well known face in the party scene of Belgium – worked behind the scenes for Liberty White, Audioviolence and Partybus – Trixy has quickly gained momentum playing the darker, underground Techno sounds. Together with some of her closest friends who share the same passion for music, she started ‘Lab.105dB’. She quickly got noticed and booked on several events and well-known clubs: from 'The Rave Cave' at Tomorrowland (Coincidence Stage) to Chronicles and from Decadance to Lost Theory where she perfected her typical sound blending dark, deep techno sounds with some old skool elements and hints of Acid.

Stevie P is a youngster from Gent who is rapidly building a name for himself in the Belgian Techno scene. He’s one of those people who don't start their career by looking for the right hair dresser and campaign manager, but who took his time to perfect his sound and DJ skills, and is now gradually stepping out into the light. He has been steadily releasing some tracks which already got him a few fans like Ben Klock or Kr!z, just to name a few.


Dedicated, driven and focused, Massimo Mephisto has a passion for making music with integrity and soul. His inspirations are drawn from his experiences and continuous studio work. At the forefront of a new generation of DJ/Producers, Massimo is simply spreading his love for music and his own interpretation of cutting edge Techno to the party crowd and its clubs. Causing ear damage on events like Laundry Day, Kowboys and Indians, Liberty White, Chronicles and House Clubbing. Unafraid to journey off the well-worn path, he founded Kowboys and Indians together with Natalie Redee, a unique Techno concept in Ghent that is currently residing in the Kompass pop-up club.


So a special event will take place on the planet of the Earthlings. On the day the Sun, Moon and Earth are on the exact same line, the Indian priests from Kowboys and Indians will join the Space Invaders from Kozzmozz to celebrate the existence of Techno, a sound that combines dark roughness with industrial rawness. This gathering will touch down in the jungle of Ghent at a temple called Vooruit, known for its legendary get-togethers of ravers from all over the galaxy, all with one mission: ‘to worship techno.’ The ancient calendars tell us that this unique joint venture is planned for Monday, July 20th. Find your way to the holy dance floor and get blessed with a night full of surprises.


Not only this night but also a lot of other nights of Klankfest will be filled with surprises and there will be more for techno lovers too. Check out all the line-ups and pick to your liking!

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