Klankfest: Day 7: Star Warz, Square & Steam

Klankfest: Day 7: Star Warz, Square & Steam
Datum: donderdag 23 juli 2015
Organisatie: Nasty Mondays
Locatie: Kunstencentrum Vooruit
Plaats: Gent - Belgiƫ
Stijlen: Drum & Bass
Aanvang: 23:00
Einde: 07:00
Voorverkoop: € 15,00
Deurprijs: € 19,00
Leeftijd: vanaf 16 jaar

On Day 7 of Klankfest – the new concept that will turn the Vooruit into one big party during the 10 days of the Gentse Feesten – the Concert-hall will be the meeting place for all those who thrive on breaks and basslines. With three leading Drum ‘n’ Bass organizations from Ghent supporting this,  it will surely be a Drum ‘n’ Bass night to remember.


Star Warz has been at the forefront of the international Drum ‘n’ Bass-scene since 2001. It's a concept that has been creating a unique vibe ever since, amongst others thanks to its numerous label nights with the absolute world top of Drum ‘n’ Bass labels such as Metalheadz, Exit Records, Shogun Audio, Hospital records, Critical Music, Renegade Hardware and many more choosing Star Warz to celebrate their birthdays and special showcases. Star Warz has built up a loyal following of Belgian and international Drum ‘n’ Bass fans and has shown themselves more than worthy of their reputation by hosting their own stage at Tomorrowland.


They are getting the full support of Square, the Drum ‘n’ Bass concept of Cedex & Higher Underground that books both up-and coming Drum ‘n’ Bass DJs and pioneers as well as international trendsetters, making them one of the more prominent Drum ‘n’ Bass players in town. And Steam – the longest running Drum ‘n’ Bass concept in Belgium (15 years and counting!) – who sell out Decadance every other Wednesday.


With united forces they present you a line-up that will blow your mind as well as the speakers.


Shy FX is headlining the line-up. He is, without question, one of the original pioneers of the Jungle and Drum ‘n’ Bass scenes: a true innovator for dance music across the globe. Cementing his name in both the underground and mainstream folklore. A true stalwart, Shy continues to maintain his legendary status, whilst staying true to his art form, and staying relevant and at the forefront of eclectic dance music. He scored his first Top Ten hit in 2002 with T Power and the track ‘Shake your Body’.  He launched his own label, Digital Soundboy in 2005. Digital Soundboy became a melting-pot of different things from funky house, dubstep to drum ‘n’ bass and more; from acts as far afield as Jamaica and Australia to releases that are hard to pigeonhole, such the super-talented producer Breakage’s 2010 album, ‘Foundation’ which remains a milestone in British urban music; as does the 2005 compilation album ‘Diary of a Digital Soundboy’. He will be supported by his favorite MC of choice, MC Stamina who is also the front-man of two much revered live shows in the form of 'London Elektricity Live' and 'CPF Live'.


Our next international guest is the creator of a new style of Drum ‘n’ Bass music that fuses influences from all corners of the globe. Manchester based Drum ‘n’ Bass producer Dub Phizix began his obsession with music over 20 years ago. Forward to today and Dub Phizix has released music on high profile and respected labels such as Exit, Soul:R, Critical, Samurai Music, Commercial Suicide, Dispatch and Ingredients with Mixmag calling his music ‘Essential material’. The Dub Phizix remix portfolio is also impressive with reworks for Atlantic Records (Charli XCX), Hospital Records (Netsky), Panjabi MC, Skittles, Chimpo, and more. 2011 saw the total domination of the Drum ‘n’ Bass scene with his ‘Marka’ tune. What sets Dub Phizix apart from most other Drum ‘n’ Bass acts, is that his music has great crossover appeal and is played nightly by a wide range of high profile DJs. Dub Phizix’ DJ sets always display his knowledge of what makes a great Drum ‘n’ Bass tune, mixing up often neglected classics with the freshest upfront material.


The international heavyweights will be joined by the leading forces behind each organization of this unique night. Starting with One87, Star Warz resident and promotor, who played over a thousand national & international dj sets, on all kinds of events, alongside most of the biggest names in Drum ‘n’ Bass today. Highlights include sets for Metalheadz at Fabric and Cable in London, Shogun Audio at Cable in London, Pukkelpop and Tomorrowland in Belgium, USA and Brasil.


Hookerz is one of the hosts of the legendary Steam nights at Decadance. He is known for his fast mixing skills and wide range of tune selection. By destroying dancefloors all over the country, he has proven himself to be a real killer DJ, smashing virtually every dancefloor Belgium has to offer, from Tomorrowland to Laundry Day, Stealth Bombers to Star Warz,... and the list goes on.


Cedex & Higher Underground earned early merits with their own events Square where they invited big names as Pendulum, Wilkinson, Noisia and Sigma. Since Cedex and Higher Underground joined forces, they became unstoppable behind the decks. Expect an explosive mix of Drum ‘n Bass in every way possible. A dynamic duo that knows how to please a crowd, which led them to the stages of Tomorrowland, Solar Festival and Star Warz.


As ever on the events of the above mentioned organizations, promising, young guns also get a chance to showcase their talent and this time the honors go to Sophics. Pon and Daan push qualitative Drum ‘n’ Bass to the public of their hometown Bruges through their weekly radio-show and party-concept Senses and are known for their swift and fast mixing style.


The national and international artists will be brought to the highest level possible by the cream of the current Belgian MC scene with no less than three leading MC’s delivering their lyrical best. Get ready to have the stage ripped up by MC Mota from Rampage, MC Nice from New Deal and MC Mush from Star Warz. They will add pure energy to all this!


Drum ‘n’ Bass at its best, that’s what you can expect on Day 7 of Klankfest.  And if you like other genres of music, you should check the other line-ups of Klankfest too… because we have more surprises in store for you.

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