Kozzmozz: Beaming in the Dark

Kozzmozz: Beaming in the Dark
Datum: zaterdag 31 maart 2018
Organisatie: Kozzmozz
Locatie: Kunstencentrum Vooruit
Plaats: Gent - Belgie
Stijlen: Techno
Aanvang: 23:00
Einde: 06:00
Voorverkoop: € 19,00
Ben Klock

Beyond the deep, 
Where stars condense,
and collide. 

Where galaxies spin,
and multiply. 

Where the mind blooms, 
and floats.

Join us in our dream, our trip to fantasy.


We invited some top-notch artists who promise to bring pounding techno treats to Vooruit in Ghent on March 31st.


A fixture in Resident Advisor’s top-10 DJs for the best part of a decade, Ben Klock needs little introduction. Having become a Berghain resident in 2005, he has since established himself at the forefront of Berlin’s modern Techno movement, an ever-present symbol of the city’s vast musical landscape. His long-standing relationship with the notorious Techno institution has formed the backdrop to his success, providing an invaluable platform that has allowed him to become one of the most in-demand DJ-producers of the current generation.
Over recent years his focus has been on touring – but his early works, most of which were released via Ostgut Ton, have become landmarks in the imprint’s history. 2009’s “Dawning”, the first of his collaborations with Marcel Dettmann, kickstarted the label itself and remains a stand-out track in its discography.
Additionally, Ben Klock also runs Klockworks, a label he founded in 2006 as a home for his more raw and minimal productions.

It took DJ and producer Etapp Kyle just a short time to make a giant leap from a stay-at-home audiophile to a status as hero on the decks. By now it's clear he made the right moves – this young Ukraine-born and Berlin-based artist is developing rapidly. Today Etapp Kyle is on the threshold of a new level of creativity, alongside Techno music's key artists. He is releasing music on Ben Klock's Klockworks label as well as channeling his music through sound systems of festivals and clubs worldwide. These days he is travelling across the world, holds a residency at Berghain and has released on the club’s in-house label Unterton as well as contributing to Ostgut Ton’s ten-year anniversary compilation. With the most sophisticated combinations of Techno sounds of the dance floor, Etapp Kyle invites us to explore the depths of a piercing cold canyon, now and then carrying fleetingly to a textural and hardly tangible landscape of a forest at night, with softness and smooth motion of warm air.

And of course there’s Kr!z. He has been a Kozzmozz resident for more than a decade now but he’s much more than that and can easily take his place between the international guests. Kr!z always had a strong sympathy for the more gloomy, dark, rawer sound of techno. His Token label nights are also a great success with memorable nights in Berlin (Berghain & Tresor), Brussels (Fuse), Shanghai, London, Rotterdam to South America. 

The night starts off with our resident Spacid. Next to guiding the Kozzmozz spaceship into new and unexplored territories on each new occasion, you can regularly catch him on various parties and festivals around the country. He has been promoting techno since the early 90’s but never ties down to one particular style. Both his reverence for the past and his quest for innovation transpire in his work as a DJ.

Let’s unite & beam in the dark on 31/03/2018!

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