Wicked Jazz Sounds Super Funk Edition

Wicked Jazz Sounds Super Funk Edition
Datum: zondag 1 december 2013
Locatie: Sugarfactory
Plaats: Amsterdam - Nederland
Stijlen: Disco, Funk, House, Jazz, Soul
Aanvang: 23:00
Einde: 05:00
Voorverkoop: € 9,50
Leeftijd: vanaf 18 jaar

"The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing." - James Brown

If there’s anybody who knew, it’s Soul Brother No. 1, Mr. James Brown himself! So come do just that, together with the Wicked Jazz Sounds band and learn some funky moves at the 5 min. workshops from Super Funk! DJs Phil Horneman and Leroy Rey will supply all of you with the most flavorful soul food and the liquor is provided by MC Pryme who will make sure you move your ass on a liquid rhyme!

Remember, it’s not about skills, it’s all about having fun, Super Fun(k)! RSVP on the event page and see you December 1st at the 4th edition of Super Funk @ Wicked Jazz Sounds!

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