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25 februari 2010 Adventures at night

Well would you believe we‘re already straight into the action for 2010; even though 2009 is still very much alive in memory – here goes a new decade!
So here we are the first of my dj diaries. On this page you find me documenting the action and adventure from my travels. From the many meet & greets to the hot gossip and club side incidents. I’ll be laying bare all as i bring you DJ stories and updates from everything from my upcoming album to my latest gig.

So let’s begin..

On reflection I started 2010 with a really exciting return to Moscow. After suffering an acute hearing loss in November last year, Moscow was my first big show as I had to cancel several gigs in the run up to Christmas/NYE and take time out to rest my ears. Something I’ve not done for far too...

The hearing loss came as big scare to me. So I decided to get myself some custom-made, and branded, Inear monitors. They are highly recommended if you’re out every weekend wrestling with the speakers. With my ears back in working order, I headed to Moscow.

My friend Alim joined me as I thought it´s more fun celebrating NYE not completely without friends even though it was my 3rd. time @ Neo Club. So I knew the people working there and they´re all great guys. The night kept up with my expectations even though it started a bit slow and I had to listen to Medwedewa’s New Years Speech in Russian which I have to admit I completely did not understand but he made an impression nonetheless; which I can’t really say about the dreary speech by our German chancellor Mrs. Merkel.

Against my normal rule, and after many attempts to decline, I was a little drunk before I hit the decks by 2am and as is Neo Club tradition every time I play I was equipped with a big afro wig and some funky peace shades straight from the 60’s. No further comment how this tradition became established every time I play there but it has something to do with a drink, a deer and a hunter....

After a good 3 hours set we stayed at the club until the break of dawn and somehow still managed to catch our flights back home. After my Moscow gig I took a further 2 weeks break, this time in the studio, to finalize my first D.O.N.S. album, which I actually managed to deliver on time even through some serious ear related problems.

This latter stage was really to conclude vocal recordings and mastering. In my next column I’ll reveal more detail about the album. For the time being I would like to give shout outs to the great artists like Gloria Gaynor, Jocelyn Brown, Seany B., Andy P and Terri B., Majuri, Jerique and DJ friends like John Morley, Mikael Weermets, Michi Lange, Matthias Menck and last not least Shahin, who all helped me to finalize this album. Thank you guys, been a long project but one I am really proud of the end result.

Right after finishing my album I had my first gig in Israel/Tel Aviv @ Supermarket. As I have never been to Israel before I stayed an extra day to meet up with friends and spend some tourist time in Jerusalem. This city really left an impact on me and certainly gave me more insight to understand a lot about one of the oldest and most dangerous conflicts on our planet.

Supermarket the club was crazy and the people there really know their business. A small 400-500 capacity club and the reception for the music was just incredible. I mainly did a full tech house set paired with some of my new productions and it was hard to leave the decks which I had to do due to my 6:40 am flight to Cannes for Midem. I could have easily played another 3 hours if I had the chance; that´s how much I loved it. A spontaneous showcase by my good friend Seany B, who also performed on two of my upcoming singles for the album made the night perfect. He literally smashed the roof off to amazing effect!
Arriving at Midem completely out of sync with my body clock, I quickly realised I didn’t bring any business cards and CD’s. Not the wisest decision by me. Especially when appearing at one of the most important, and certainly most expensive, music conferences in the industry.

On the flip side I didn’t really have much time to set up meetings so the whole process wasn’t much of a loss. Also, experience has taught me that most people at these events don’t listen to CDs anyway, it’s more about networking and developing the relationship from there

So my time there was mainly focused on joining many panels and talking about new business and revenue models for the music industry. A very exciting and informative trip from that side and as a label owner myself (Kingdome Kome Cuts), reviewing the business model of my own labels set up is an important area I was to explore in more details. I will write more about this in future columns.

All in all Cannes was pretty relaxed for me besides the night were I finally managed to be the last one leaving the famous ‘La Chunga’. They closed the doors right after I left. Full strike for me here, yeah...... and when I eventually did make i back to my hotel room, I found out it was more or less like a shoebox and after I got in from ‘La Chunga’ I was looking urgently for the toilet and didn’t find it as there was none in my room. The sink was in a little cupboard designed for a child at best.

Heading back from Cannes, I unfortunately witnessed not for the first how bad some airlines treat their passengers from time to time. Surprisingly it sometimes snows in winter and sometimes it´s a lot of snow. Something that several airline companies seem unable to cope with. All my latest flights were cancelled or delayed, which is fine if you have enough time, but telling people on board that your connecting flight will be waiting for you after you touch the runway, and then causing an avalanche of dashing people to the next gate, is not funny at all when that connecting flight has already left its gate.

Finally making it back home after an 18 hour delay, I was soon back out of the front door again for a gig at Biel-Bienne in Switzerland @ Duo Club. It was my second gig there and it again it was an absolute roadblock. A charming little club with a great educated crowd and great owners too, it’s a highlight of my diary from now on. The next booking is already confirmed for May and this time I’ll stay at least an extra day to go waterskiing and ‘try-wakeboarding’ with the promoters. I had my great Suisse posse driving in from Zurich and Alim who joined me again. I think the city of Biel needs a year to remove all D.O.N.S. stickers which they posted all over the place.

My last gig was @ Café Madrid in Aachen. 1200 people on a Wednesday night in Germany. That is truly sensational. The one who wasn’t sensational at all was actually me and I´m not talking about the night and my DJ set. Believe it or not, I brought an empty suitcase and no cloths at all. If it wouldn’t have been for my carry-on luggage I would have thought someone had stolen the whole content of my suitcase as the thing was completely empty. Feeling a little jaded from a hard week on the road, I somehow forgot to pack my suitcase with anything more than a few bare essentials!

At least the shops in Aachen were happy as I spend a small fortune buying new stuff filling up my suitcase. I stayed two extra days as the party was that crazy that I missed my flight back home and simply didn’t feel like travelling at all the next day. So now I have heaps of new cloths, a rebooking in April and new friends. Aachen I love you!

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Until next month, see you on the dance floor...
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