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26 april 2010 New Challenges...

It was time again to be back in Algeria. Crystal Club @ Hilton was the place to be. I was absolutely looking forward to have another great night in Algiers but never thought that getting there would be such a treat!! I left a snow covered Hamburg at 5:30 and arrived at the airport to realise my flight had been delayed and as such there was no way to make the connection to Algier. After a lengthy chat with my favourite airline company they managed to rebook me on an earlier flight to Frankfurt, which left me with a little window of opportunity to make that connecting flight – so far so good.
Due to the snow in Hamburg the airport shut down one runway and needless to say I missed my connection but talking to the airline service they told me if I run the plane might wait. So with 5 minutes left to go, I attempted to run a 10minute distance and arrived only a few minutes after the official take-off time.

However, here’s where the frustration kicks in! Keep in mind Frankfurt was covered in snow too and all flights had a delay. So my flight to Algier was still there (it actually took-off 40 minutes after I had arrived at the gate!). There was nobody at the gate. After I finally found a Lufthansa ground staff member asking him if he can do anything for me to board the plane, he told me it's none of his business and quickly scurried off. I received similar unfriendly reactions at several service points and in the lounges too.
Now as a regular flier with Lufthansa, I’m fortunate to have the privilege to be a so called Senator. Easy check-in, separate counters with no queues, lounge access and some other bonuses. Most of these counters for higher ranked status members were not occupied. So I lined up over and over again, being sent from A-to-B and back again until they finally agreed to rebook me on another airline.

I was rerouted via Paris. All looked good and there was hope that I’ll get a connection from Paris. Ok that didn’t work out. I realized being on board that plane that I again will be late to make my connection as air traffic control didn’t allow us to take-off due to the weather conditions. No need to fly to Paris then and I wanted to leave the plane which looked good. I had my carry on luggage in my hands standing at the door when the ground stuff forced me to go back in. Like that I ended up in Paris missing my connection again.
After heaps of hassle they rebooked me back to Frankfurt where I finally made the last flight arriving in Algiers at 2:20 am. My set time was supposed to be at 1am. I headed straight to the club which was jam packed. I was tired as hell but survived the night with a great party. As I had to take the first flight back to Germany I had no sleep again but Crystal Club was crazy and worth every inch of the 21 hour long trip to get there.

If Lufthansa would have brought me directly to the waiting plane in the morning (which they did before and which I asked for) everybody would have saved time and a lot of money for on completely unnecessary flights.
Anyway that’s the end of my rant on the airlines! My next gig at Space in Warsaw had no flight incidents and Space was crazy as always. My favourite residency bar none! I had heaps of friends joining me for that gig and we got home way past my bedtime. Looking forward to be back in June..

After Warsaw and after quite a while not being there it was time again to party in Vienna at Passage and I can tell you what happened there was way beyond being crazy. It was my man Jakkis birthday bash and the club was rocking before midnight. Sabién & Alim joined me that night and opened up for me doing a great job. After a little TV interview and minutes before I was about to hit the decks a young woman approached me asking when I’ll start to play. Suddenly and out of the blue she pressed her forehead against mine asking me to push her head away. Well I didn’t do it but that woman pulled back her head and gave me a straight head butt. The effect was a bleeding and broken nose and a pretty severe concussion. I played a three hours set and even though alcohol is absolutely no solution Jägermeister saved that night. The beauty of it all was that due to an older nose fracture I had a surgery arranged three days after my Vienna gig. My very good friend and red wine passion sharing mate Dr. Milos Kovacevic, who is an amazing surgeon specialized in nose jobs fixed my nose.

The nice side-effects of his work meant that I have stopped snoring and I now have a perfectly straight nose and strangely the little remains of my tinnitus are completely gone too (don’t ask me how because I’ve no idea!).

As for the women who took it upon herself to lump me with her head...well she sincerely apologized and we’re friends over it. The most painful part was my trip to Budapest the next morning. My head was killing me and I really felt sick. My friend Inusa joined me for that gig and as always Budapest was simply worth a visit even though the night wasn’t that busy. Being back in Hamburg I was happy to stay in hospital for 3 days. I found time to finally sleep and relax and the surgery went down perfect.

Being released from the hospital on Thursday I took a plane to Perm in Russia on Friday. Following all procedures after a nose correction the travel didn’t cause any problems. I spent the 9 hour waiting in Moscow to get my Perm connection in a nice little hotel (which was quite a drive from the airport) and arriving in Perm at 5am I saw what the difference between the Russian and German winter is.
I had to perform at Veter Club, where I’ve played before. It’s a lovely club and the hospitality for my 2 days stay was absolutely flawless. I wish all promoters and club owners were able to be such great hosts. A packed club, an extremely good looking crowd and a crazy D.O.N.S. fan club in the VIP area made my night and two days stay in Perm perfect!

Finally it was time for my official album world tour start. The kick off took place in Istanbul. If you haven’t been to Istanbul yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. I heard a lot of great things about Istanbul but didn’t expect it to be such a great experience. What a vibrant and interesting city full of culture. Terri B. and I had had three shows and in between I found time to at least see the main attractions. The Blue Mosque simply blew me away with its beauty. Our first performance was scheduled at Club 360. It’s basically a restaurant on top of Istanbul. The stunning view over Istanbul’s skyline has to make this one of the most beautiful clubs I’ve ever had the pleasure to play at. People wine and dine and later when the tables are removed from the room, it’s a pure house club. The cold weather and rain didn’t keep the full capacity crowd away from partying like it was the end of the world – great venue! The second night, Terri & I supported the Dance 4 Haiti Charity event at The Hall, another great venue. As this gig had such great feedback, Club 360 invited us for a third spontaneous gig which we were more than happy to conduct. My special thanks goes out to Phil (DJ Filth). Mate you were a sensational host. We cant wait to be back in Istanbul - a lovely city.

Now I´d like to give you a short run down of this year’s WMC in Miami. Midnightbeats and Kingdom Kome Cuts lined up some serious party action. Together with our Miami friends and partners we staged a couple of events which we presented. Just like last year we were involved in the Welcome To Miami @ Niki Beach party. For those who came last year, it was a blast, complete roadblock so to say. Always good to know that people were happy with my set, as we were again invited to join Gryphons and the Shore Club. An exciting and promising night as ever is our involvement with ‘PM 2 AM’ event @ Club 50 @ The Viceroy. Check pictures of that location (Luxury Miami Hotel ? Downtown Miami Hotel ? Viceroy Miami). Absolutely stunning as the line up was too. The Pool Area where we have our open Air Dancefloor is simply unique. With our friends and partners ‘The Beathomies’ we managed to get a massive line-up together. Tom Novy, Kurd Maverick, Bingo Players, David Vendetta, Milk & Sugar, Syke´n´Sugarstarr plus over 50 more dj's and myself will have a 24hrous. ball. On top I was invited to perform @ The Fontainebleau for the Suka Records night together with Terri B. One of the most exciting things about Miami is all the new faces and music talent that comes to the event year on year, for me this is the heart beat of the conference!

For all my world tour gig dates please check out my MySpace page: D.O.N.S. op MySpace Music ? Gratis gestreamde MP3?s, foto?s en Videoclips

Last but not least I would like to just mention the reactions to my album Design On Sound, which I have to be honest are making me incredibly happy right now. Support has been coming in from great dj's and radio stations all across the worldwide. We will now start to release about 7 singles from my album including some special remix packages. So far I have about 30 remixes ready for several singles. The first single release is Drop The Gun, which includes a video and fantastic remixes. The album includes most of my singles since 2005, some in new and special versions only for the album and 7 brand new tracks too.

One last thing to the ambitious resident djs out there; cool down! We all know that Show Me Love is a big record and you can squeeze in 20 tracks a minute but you’re missing the point – it’s about feeling the music and creating a party vibe for crowd and also guest dj to follow. Being a resident dj is an art in itself and you are as important to the night as the other acts, so try to keep that mind when you’re playing and not trying to prove a point by just banging it out with the newest big records. The crowd and guest artist will love for it if so..

Until next month, see you on the floor..

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